Brighten Up Using Lemon Yellow

May 31, 2018Yellow Standard

Kind of like lemon juice, a little can go a very long way. Nothing speaks to spring more than this version of yellowish — bright, daring and full of life. Whether you choose to anchor a space with this color or just use it like an accessory color, there’s not any better way to bring style into a room than by including a bright, happy splash of sun.

Hint: When choosing a bright yellow, go daring. Anything less than this will truly feel a little too pale. Try something such as Benjamin Moore Limon or even Lightening Bug — they’ve only a touch of coolness to be able to keep them from becoming overly neon. Balance out with black and white, or possibly a deep brownish tone. If painting a room bright yellow is too much, use in accessories. Vibrant cushions or art are a excellent way to add this vibrant color.

LLC, cristi Holcombe Interiors

It occurs in threes. Three lemon-yellow colored pillows help to draw the eye on the rear of the mattress, making it the focus of this space. The pillows, patterns and three geometric mirrors are a great balance with the low- profile headboard, side tables and lamps.

Emily Elizabeth Interior Design

Nice legs. This is a fashionable color integration. The added curves of this leg front of this table work well with the pattern on the pillow tying the pieces together well.

Shade therapy. This wonderful relaxing area using neutral tones throughout is thrown into a curveball with a bright console against the window. It will help to reflect the light and adds a burst of color and personality.

SB Architects

Something old, something new. This contemporary and bright yellow color is nicely juxtaposed against the rustic and classic look of this kitchen. Shade is a superb way to unify unique elements inside the space.


Nature-inspired design. I love the design and brightness on the three wall panels, combined with the low, zebra-striped stools and sculpture.

Elad Gonen

Accent with crimson. This room throws the usage of lemon yellow all around, with red being the accent color. It has to be like walking within sunlight!

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Marching matches Hyde. The daring winged orange yellow seat using a textured mask cloth is a fantastic contrast to the matching black chandeliers and the amorous whites of this bedroom. It’s a great complement to this sanctuary.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

The eyes have it. This can be an intriguing and well executed wall remedy and color choice. The daring face of this wall treatment and swirling pattern at the chairs work well against the bright yellow pillows, helping soften the large contrast patterns in this eye-catching style.

Eisner Design LLC

Shade and scale. First, I love this little chair! This children’s playroom is splashed with bright and playful colors against a light lavender wall, creating an inviting landing spot for those kids.

Beckwith Interiors

Playful materials. This daring use of lemon yellow on the countertop is a daring use of color, and I applaud the choice. Nothing could make me happier than being in this kitchen everyday.

Mark English Architects, AIA

The bright outside. This brightly colored lemon yellow (with a touch of green) is an excellent way to add some interest and color to the organic substances often utilized in exterior design.

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