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July 6, 2018Global Style Standard

Technology and a global economy has made our world so much smaller, and if you have the chance to travel extensively, or you simply dream of doing so, creating a worldly house that reflects your interests and passions is simpler than you might think. A modern global style encompasses many components: natural substances, handmade bits or works of art, exotic textiles, bold pattern designs, extraordinary colours and special furnishings and accessories paired with clean modern lines. But, most of all, it should reflect you and the things you love. I’ve always believed that in case you love it, there’s a way to make it function with the rest of your strategy. But, there are a number of elements that are guaranteed to reflect your inner world traveler.

Safari Fusion

Bamileke Feather Headdress (white) | Juju Hat – AUD 595

Bamileke feather headdresses out of Cameroon have been the rage for the past couple of years. They add an explosion of sudden texture to walls. Safari Fusion has good ones for sale!

Sara Ingrassia Interiors

Map or map-inspired background will infuse any space with a worldly feel. This beautiful, watery paper is the best selection for a powder room. For excellent”map-i-fied” backgrounds and textiles, check out Zoffany’s Intaglio collections; they’re stunning!

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Framed maps will do it every time, especially those with a hand-drawn, vintage feel, whether in color paper type or illustration fashion.

Studio William Hefner

But why relegate maps to walls in any way? What is more global than a globe? In this vignette, the globes are a big part of the Old-World look, but the remaining components are pulling their own weight: The magnificent credenza sitting beneath a traditional painting and those novels results in an area that feels loved by well-traveled owner(s) with impeccable taste.

Jane Ellison

Woven wall hangings or other textiles, whether brought back from a faraway place or purchased locally, have a wonderfully warm impact on interiors. This one adds color to a beige wall and anchors the piece beneath it as a focal point of the space.

Rick Hoge

Textiles on walls can come in many types, from real pieces of fabric to interesting clothing to rugs. If a piece is very delicate, but you don’t want to squander its own attractiveness by storing it in a dark cupboard, think about hanging it on a wall. They can be hung like most images, but if you feel additional protection is required, take it into a framer, who can give the royal treatment with museum glass and archival materials.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

For some reason, turquoise and gold will do it every time. Get those two colors together and BAM! You’ve got a global inside.

Sylvia Martin

There is it again: turquoise artwork paired with gold accessories. But, there’s more. This entry provides all sorts of fascinating things to look at: the airy lamp sitting beneath the Asian-inspired console dining table with suitcases and a crowded place beneath. The sign of an great plant gives the distance much more life.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Having a global fashion doesn’t mean every nook and cranny of your home needs to be full of exotic finds. Unexpected elements mixed in with your house’s main style function, also, as can be seen with this beautiful little chair sitting at a decidedly transitional bathroom.

So many components are working to make this entry feel worldly: the parquet floors, lantern-like light fixtures, dark wood moldings and off-white walls, the radiator, and of course that the sparse styling.

Megan Blake Design

Moroccan diamond rugs are a great alternative to heavier traditional rugs with a great deal of deep, vivid colours. The lightness and subtle layout make them flexible and easy to coordinate with a variety of fashions. They are especially proficient at softening up tidy, modern interiors.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

What’s it all about this detail shot of a very modest part of a kitchen that looks so cryptic? In my opinion, it is the fearless use of color on the cabinets paired with brassy fixtures and the farm sink. Even in the event that you haven’t traveled much, utilizing components commonly seen in different countries will promote your personal global look.

Gorgeous hand-painted tiles are a sure-fire way to add color and style to your worldly look. Such special tile can be expensive, but utilizing it in small doses, add big style without breaking the bank. The reddish cabinets, yellow walls and well-styled cookery make this kitchen look like it resides in certain fabulous little town in the Spanish countryside.

Lewin Wertheimer

Bring in materials typical of homes in different parts of the world. While tiled floors are nothing new, terracotta tiles lend a warm look with a trendy bit, especially pleasant in warm climates.

So many components are working together to make this room look as though it was pulled together over several years.

Tim Cuppett Architects

Sometimes, less is more. Inside this bathroom, the sparseness of the easy endings are what make it feel as though it hails from a different century.

An exemplary arrangement of a fantastic collection goes a long way. Grouping your prized items in a prominent place generates great visual attention.

Vinci | Hamp Architects

If you don’t have a sizable collection of some thing, combining the interesting pieces you have among novels is a good way to get the well-traveled look.

Scheer & Co..

Bring in a vintage suitcase, and you’re going to have people wondering from whence you came.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

Going global doesn’t always have to attest into big gestures; little ones also make an impact. This transitional interior is injected with a dose of the travel bug in the form of that fantastic little pillow.

Pack Associates

This is clearly a modern structure, but traces of warmth from a traditional rug and enchanting wood furniture make it difficult to put a time stamp on it, which is another important element of creating worldly interiors.

Kim Nunn

This Otomi upholstery on the headboard with a traditional silhouette infuses an exciting and surprising element to the tailored bedding and trendy wall color in this bedroom.

With printed curtains, an ikat-covered chair and a two-toned graphic throw cushion, lots of patterns are mixed in this vignette, however they complement one another, rather than compete. The colours, scales and styles differ, causing a look that implies the homeowner traveled the world to find every one of these great textiles.

Niche Interiors

Draping a vintage kilim adds excitement into a simple white headboard while making great use of a beautiful textile. Straightforward bedding and upholstery lets the vibrant rug and textile speak volumes.

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