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June 2, 2018Lighting Standard

Oversized chandeliers are becoming more commonplace over the last few years, even outside the most grandiose of foyers. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Shock and amazement was the predominate emotion I felt when I watched a gargantuan fixture in a current showhouse. Admittedly, I didn’t pay much attention to the furnishings in the room. My eyes have been focused and repaired up so much that I almost tipped over a vase which could have cost me my firstborn. I provide you this ideabook as a far safer way to see oversized lighting. Love it with minimal danger, besides an occasional jaw drop.

During this modern cottage are various fixtures that take full advantage of the towering ceilings. In this living room, a trio of fixtures almost becomes a piece of floating sculpture.

At the exact same residence, a pair of cylindrical shade fixtures light a spacious kitchen island. Their existence emphasizes the property’s modernity.

SB Architects

A first glance one might assume this industrial pendant was retrofitted from machinery part. In fact, it was created from a halved buoy and found a new life in this open minded lounge. How’s that for a conversation piece?

Amy Lau Design

When so much focus goes to the lighting, furnishings may have a back seat. A minimalist design was the best option for a room for this chandelier as a focal point and also the wall mural as a secondary focus.

Pristine white cabinetry into the wall while the black chandelier is visually pushed into the front. Its size alone is sufficient to define this kitchen’s modern glam theme.

In excellent balance from the ground to the ceiling, everything has a pair. Both drum shade chandeliers are a handsome duo that pushes the distance toward modern. Its high contrast also produces a picture influence in color, form and function.

Laux Interiors Berlin

A Murano glass chandelier surrounded by a sheer, hot drum shade catapults a casual bedroom into a den of attraction. This bedroom is the perfect example of how one item can influence the whole disposition of a space.


The previous images would lead one to feel that oversized lighting just exists in modern design. In this dining room, a bodacious crystal chandelier finds itself at the intersection of modern and conventional. Its prosperity of reflective stone elevates this dining space to the summit of elegance.

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