The’Three Cs’ of Feminine Chair Flair

July 4, 2018Furniture Standard

In my final ideabook I told you about 9 Elements that make a perfect Man Chair. But rest assured, men do not get to get all of the cool chairs! Although women often like male chairs too because of the very same components — relaxation, armrests, roominess — our sense of style can be quite different, and there are many chair styles that are undeniably feminine.

If you are looking to add feminine style to your area, just use my”3 Cs” — curves, colour and cloth — to twist up the female flair. And, before anybody starts calling me sexist and accusing me of stereotyping, I do not make this stuff up, you know! That is coming out of years of watching men and women respond to furniture fashions.

Actually, in a client meeting I’d just last night, the spouse was baffled by her husband’s love of one chair and serious dislike of another. I pointed out that you was a man chair and you was more feminine. Whenever I explained it, he concurred and pointed to the curvy little legs onto it. Obviously, we’re purchasing the more masculine chair, which appeals to those both. Happy ending.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Warning: Dangerous Curves! In my view, hands down, the Cherner chair is the most female looking chair in the world — and that goes double for its barstool version. That slender little waist, flared seat and long shapely legs will make Barbie jealous. It is the barstool I would choose.

MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

Color affects us deeply, and pink remains the females’ domain. The curvy lines of those chairs, together with their shell-pink silk upholstery, are all feminine charm in this beautiful room. Women (and girls ) only here!

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Cloth can turn a manly seat into a more feminine version. Satin, silk, and velvet are especially attractive to women. In this dining area, including the soft purple velvet pattern to the finish chairs adds just the ideal touch of femininity to the room. I wonder that sits in the head of the table?

Paula Grace Designs, Inc..

Wingback chairs are classics and operate for the two sexes. But upholstering this one in white and having the crisp black edge all the way around it feels so Coco Chanel to me personally.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

And these chairs evoke the identical type of female elegance for me personally.

Claudia Leccacorvi

Have you got a room that feels very masculine in style that you’d like to balance a little more? The lace looking flowery patterned upholstery and the rounded back add enough womanly style to keep this room balanced in its appeal to men and women.

Claudia Leccacorvi

I’d almost included these chairs from the same designer portfolio in my man chair ideabook till I looked closer in the upholstery. The lines are strong and angular, which men love! Butagain, the upholstery adds enough womanly style so that a woman feels at home too.

Zack|de Vito Architecture + Construction

These chairs have strong lines, roomy style along with the gray colour would appeal to men, but the curves on their arms and glistening, silky cloth keep them from being overly masculine.

Amoroso Design

Yes, I know, not a chair, it is a chaise. However, what could be more feminine than a lavender velvet tufted chaise with dainty little legs? It has colour, curves and cloth all working collectively. I think many men would have a look at this and actually have a step backagain.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Christopher Guy Designs

Christopher Guy’s designs together with his signature crossed legs are definitely on the female side of style. They remind me of being told that ladies do not cross their legs, they cross their ankles. Looks like his chairs have always been to finishing school.

Inform me Have you had a run-in with a man in your household over chair style? How did you resolve it?

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